Corporate Membership Application

Corporate Membership is available to companies legally recognised and operating in Australia and interested in USA / Australia trade or the affairs of the Chamber. Premium, Corporate 1 and Corporate 2 Members have the right to vote and will be eligible for election to the Board of Directors or the Council of Governors.

Your company membership is based on the number of employees in your company Australia wide.

Please complete the form below. The information completed on the form will be used to update your details, and will be displayed in our online USA / Australia Member Directory.

Membership Categories

Membership Type


One year option


Three year option

 Premium  Invitation Only   Invitation Only 
 Corporate - 1 (Over 100 employees)                              $8,160 pa (excl. gst)   $20,400 (excl. gst)
 Corporate - 2 (51 to 100 employees)   $4,665 pa (excl. gst)  $11,662.50 (excl. gst)
 Corporate - 3 (21 to 50 employees)   $3,500 pa (excl. gst)   $8,750 (excl. gst)
 Corporate - 4 (3 to 20 employees)   $2,330 pa (excl. gst)  $5,825 (excl. gst)
 Corporate - 5 (Up to 2 employees)   $1,170 pa (excl. gst)  $2,925 (excl. gst)
 Non-Resident Membership
(No representative office in Australia)     
Non-Resident $1,750 pa (no gst is payable)     
 A joining fee applies for new members    

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