How Business Really Works: Changes in Trade in The 21st Century with Nate Olson

Published Monday, 17 July 2017

Have you wondered how the economy is affected by international trade? Are you questioning how the Trump administration will change trade policy? Find out on this AmCham “How Business Really Works” podcast. Our guest Nate Olson (Washington D.C.) discusses hard-hitting issues involving trade in the 21st century, trade under Trump, and changes to the TPP with host Duff Watkins (Sydney, Australia).

Nate Olson is currently at The Stimson Center , a nonpartisan policy research center attempting to find pragmatic solutions to threats to security and prosperity. Overtime, the center has taken on new program areas to tackle regional “hot-spots,” like the Middle East or Southeast Asia.

Specifically, Nate is the director and founder of the Trade21 program, a subset of The Stimson Center that champions the Center’s call to modern, pragmatic solutions, but in the realm of international trade. Nate leads a number of research and outreach efforts  in an attempt to better align private sector business models, the economy’s regulatory frameworks, and the public interest agenda.

Additionally, Nate is a member of several public-private initiatives to address issues spanning public policy, international trade, transnational crime, and due diligence frameworks. He previously served as Director of Government Relations for the Project on National Security Reform.

Through his work at the Stimpson Center, a nonprofit “think tank” located in Washington D.C., Nate has been exploring the effects of trade in the 21st century, attempting to create a modernized approach to policy making and business decision making.

On this podcast, Nate gives listeners exclusive access to knowledge on international trade under the Trump Administration, the future of the TransPacific Partnership , and how trade can affect key business decisions in the upcoming years.

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