How Business Really Works: The Leadership Paradigm with Jeremy Carter

Published Monday, 2 October 2017

How you make people feel is much more important than what you say or what you do. Our podcast guest today, Jeremy Carter, Chief Enthusiasm Officer, Rapport Leadership International joins Duff Watkins to discuss why you should take this into account.

Rapport Leadership International has a thirty year track record of offering unique and challenging leadership programs which empower new leaders, executives and business owners with the confidence, self-esteem, and focus necessary to improve their personal effectiveness and build high performance teams. Rapport has offices in the US, Canada and Australia and has over 250,000 graduates of their courses.

Jeremy started his career as a computer engineer and worked his way up from an entry level role to being the Oceania Managing Director of US technology company National Instruments by the age of thirty. By building a great team, he increased sales 62% in only two years without hiring any additional staff. Since leaving the corporate world ten years ago, he has worked as a leading business and executive coach, winning multiple awards for both himself and his clients’ results.

On this How Business Really Works podcast episode you will see why the majority of Australian employees are not engaged in the workplace, you'll hear why many leaders continue to fail in their roles and you'll learn the keys to being a respected leader in your organisation.

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