A Message from the CEO

Posted on 21/04/2021

A Message from AmCham's CEO Apr'21

Over the past several weeks AmCham has been encouraging the Government to facilitate more US-Australia investment to support the national economy. Australia has historically filled the multi-billion dollar gap between domestic savings and investment

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Posted on 15/03/2021

A Message from AmCham's CEO Mar'21

I recently attended the AFR Business Summit where Australian business and government leaders kept using C-words: COVID. Comeback. China. Climate.

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Posted on 15/02/2021

A Message from AmCham's CEO Feb'21

The positivity and optimism in the business community at the start of 2021 is noticeable. And with the inauguration of a new US president, US-Australia economic and security relations are poised to continue to thrive, creating many business openings

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Posted on 18/01/2021

A Message from AmCham's CEO Jan'21

Happy new year. With the COVID-19 vaccine being rolled out, global attention in 2021 will turn from the healthcare response to the virus to the economic responses.

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Posted on 30/12/2020

A Message from AmCham's CEO Dec'20

As we head towards December 31st, we reflect on what has surely been the most unusual year of our lives. Over the course of the past 12 months, the corona virus has claimed over a million lives globally, brought countries to a standstill, and exacerb

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Posted on 14/04/2021

Attracting US Investors to Australia: The Opportunity is Now

Firm action is needed now to remove unnecessary regulatory burdens on business and incentivise US investors to choose Australia as their preferred destination. This report outlines practical recommendations to remove these burdens and drive forward t

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Posted on 3/04/2018

How Business Really Works: Digital Journey with Moe Ali

What's new in technology and how can your business stay ahead of the game? Moe Ali, Group Vice President of Gartner ANZ, talks to Duff about cyber-security, the importance of incorporating technology insights and information to the core of business m

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