A Message from the CEO

Posted on 20/08/2018

A Message from AmCham's CEO Aug'18

Any Australian under the age of 28 has never experienced a recession. In fact, Australia is the world-record holder for uninterrupted growth. Global trade and foreign investment have been essential to building this resilience and will underpin Austra

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Posted on 16/07/2018

A Message from AmCham's CEO Jul'18

On July 4th, America celebrated its 242nd birthday. AmCham Australia celebrated as well, hosting events in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Hundreds of attendees gathered to reflect on 100 years of mateship, the history of the US-Australia relationshi

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Posted on 18/06/2018

A Message from AmCham's CEO Jun'18

AmCham celebrated a significant milestone at the end of May: the 50th anniversary of operations in the state of South Australia. To mark the occasion, Mrs Gina Rinehart, Executive Chairman of Hancock Prospecting Group, Roy Hill, S. Kidman & Co, gave

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Posted on 21/05/2018

A Message from AmCham's CEO May'18

Last week was National Infrastructure Week in the US: seven days of events, media coverage, education, and advocacy to examine infrastructure as a critical issue impacting America's economy, society, security and

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Posted on 16/04/2018

A Message from AmCham's CEO Apr'18

AmCham Australia is always looking at ways to benefit our members. A significant area of our work is with government and international trade organisations: sharing information, giving visibility to issues of concern to our members, exploring official

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Posted on 3/09/2018

AmCham Gala Dinner with The Hon. Joe Hockey

View the full program of AmCham's Gala Dinner with The Hon. Joe Hockey on 30th August 2018

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Posted on 3/04/2018

How Business Really Works: Digital Journey with Moe Ali

What's new in technology and how can your business stay ahead of the game? Moe Ali, Group Vice President of Gartner ANZ, talks to Duff about cyber-security, the importance of incorporating technology insights and information to the core of business m

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