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Why Innovation is critical for the Next Generation

Posted on 8/11/2017

Innovation is here to stay. Hear from Martin Creighan (Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand AT&T) as he shares his thoughts on why innovation is critical for the Next Generation.

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Four (somewhat) good news stories for feminists

Posted on 29/09/2017

It’s easy to think that the state of affairs is terrible for women in Australia. When there is news about women, it is about issues like the gender pay gap and the lack of women in Cabinets, boards and senior positions. So where's all the good news?

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Australia: Lost in Space?

Posted on 25/09/2017

Australia is an indispensable member of the global space community. It has been a key player in every deep-space mission conducted by NASA since 1957—including the moon landing, the New Horizons’ Pluto mission and the landing of Curiosity’s Mars rove

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“Netwalking” with Robbert Rietbroek, CEO of PepsiCo ANZ

Posted on 16/09/2017

Last week, some of our AmCham NEXT: Network for Future Leaders Committee caught up with Robbert Rietbroek, Chief Executive and SVP of PepsiCo group of companies Australia and New Zealand, and the Pacific, in a new program called "netwalking" to chat

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The Indispensable Economic Partnership: US Investment in Australia

Posted on 22/08/2017

Major Australian firms see the United States not just as a market responsible for more than half of their global revenues, but as a springboard to the world. Click here to read a recap from the launch of AmCham and USSC's major study, "Indispensable

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If You Don’t Brand Yourself, Others Will Do It For You

Posted on 21/08/2017

Your personal brand is essential to career advancement because branding helps define who you are, what is great about you, and why you should be sought out. Remember, if you don’t brand yourself, others will do it for you.

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A New Day Dawns for WA Defence

Posted on 17/08/2017

WA's first defence magazine, WA DEFENCE REVIEW, launched in Perth this year with a series of events with AmCham. The publication is dedicated to airing views on defence industry matters, military affairs, national security and geo-political analysis.

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Failure Demand – are you ignoring one of the greatest levers you have for improving performance?

Posted on 9/08/2017

It is such a simple concept, yet understanding it, and acting on it, is one of the greatest levers you have for improving performance. However, until you learn about failure demand, and more importantly its causes, it is an invisible problem.

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Aren’t we done with diversity? See you in 2186

Posted on 7/08/2017

Everybody’s been talking about gender diversity for a while now. There is probably a fair amount of change fatigue, the belief that we’ve been working very hard and have tried everything so surely it’s all sorted by now. But it’s easy to focus in the

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Embracing Megatrends and their impact on future innovation

Posted on 4/08/2017

The speed at which megatrends like artificial intelligence are developing will have a major impact on the future of our businesses. As this article from AmCham member Marco Tapia of PicNet suggests, analysing these implications is vital to a company'

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Highlights: Future of Special Operations & Industry Innovation

Posted on 2/08/2017

Earlier this year, AmCham held a unique event in Perth on the Australian Army’s elite Special Operations Command and the future of industry innovation. The event also served as the launch of WA’s first-ever defence magazine - WA DEFENCE REVIEW. Here

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3 Pillars of Impactful Presentations – Delivery

Posted on 31/07/2017

What is your first response when asked to get up in front of an audience to showcase your expertise? For some people, giving a presentation is a fun experience, while for others, it can be an intimidating prospect. If you belong to the latter group o

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EyeLevel – AmCham Internship Program

Posted on 27/07/2017

What did you take away from AmCham that you would not have gained at another internship? What was the biggest difference between learning about corporate culture in the classroom and experiencing it first-hand? These are just some of the questions an

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3D Printing, 4D Product Visualisation & Diamonds: Melbourne’s Innovation Ecosystem

Posted on 26/07/2017

On Tuesday 18 July, twenty-two delegates embarked upon AmCham’s second annual Melbourne Innovation Mission to probe the leading developments in Australia’s technological ecosystem. Throughout the course of the day, it became more evident that there i

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The End of Retail Malls? Food Stores Taking Over Shopping Centres as The Main Attraction

Posted on 19/07/2017

With revenue declining in retail and department stores, shopping centres are attempting to boost sales in the food sector. But with the influx of dozens of new food stores – one mall went from thirty-four to ninety-three food outlets in just three ye

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Live Video Breaking Down Barriers

Posted on 14/07/2017

Employers in all sectors of the global economy are now, more than ever, focused on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce. AmCham member BlueJeans Network explains how live video can be used as a tool to help broaden and diversify the talent po

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Cyber Series – How to manage your company’s Twitter presence

Posted on 11/07/2017

Click here to read about how bumping up your account’s security and leveraging the latest AI technologies can be a simple and cost-effective way of managing your company's Twitter presence.

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3 Pillars of Impactful Presentations – Design

Posted on 11/07/2017

In part 2 of their series on effective presentations, Slidemaster explains how to use smart presentation design to conceptualize your ideas and convey information clearly and powerfully. Just like your content, design needs to match the situation and

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Cracking Down on Illegal Fishing – The Statistician’s Catch of a Lifetime

Posted on 10/07/2017

The security of international fisheries is a concern of vital importance; however, until the recent web-based alert system developed by CSIRO, comprehensive protection of the fishing industry has been virtually impossible to guarantee.

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The Anti-Social Network? How Facebook is using AI to tackle terrorism

Posted on 6/07/2017

With all of the violence around the world recently, social media corporations have been under particular scrutiny. Facebook has begun working on improving its cyber security technology using artificial intelligence to filter out inappropriate content

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Posted on 26/10/2017

Resmed CEO Mick Farrell speaks to The Business

Medical device makers, Australian founded 'Resmed' and New Zealand competitor 'Fisher and Paykel' are locked in a fierce legal battle. They both make sleep disorder equipment, and both say the other has copied their designs. Resmed CEO Mick Farrell

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Posted on 13/11/2017

How Business Really Works: Why is Infrastructure so Important with Mark Moseley

Everybody wants better infrastructure. Have you wondered why this is such a hot topic? Joining our host Duff Watkins on this HBRW episode is Mark Moseley, Chief Operating Office, Global Infrastructure Hub.

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