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Thursday 30 November 2017

Article by AmCham Australia

pelican products

High-Value Mission-Critical equipment – especially in commercial and military applications – simply has to work when it’s needed. This means it needs to be maintained, stored and transported in a manner which ensures its integrity such that it can be accessed at all times in a fully operational or fully deployable condition.

A couple of months ago AmCham wlecomed a new member - Pelican - who are renowned globally for Protective Cases and Advanced Portable Lighting Solutions with outstanding utility, uncompromising quality, and unconditional certainty. Pelican has a long & proud history supplying the US DoD, ADF, NZDF, & other NATO-friendly militaries, international military Prime Contractors, and commercial organisations with Technically-Advanced Engineered Packaging Solutions made here in Australia. This capability is unique in Australia, and is exported around the world.

With over 40 years of design and manufacture experience in Australia, Pelican operates a high-tech design and production facility located in Melbourne - known locally as Trimcast - where the key focus is the development of Mil-Spec Advanced Case Solutions - or Technical Packaging Solutions: bespoke, laboratory-engineered protective packaging systems which include shock-mitigating and vibration-attenuating options, are custom-designed and built inside the protective outer boxes to suit the valuable or critical payload & provide protection through virtually any transport and storage cycle.

These systems include weatherproof and chemical-resistant transport and storage cases, specialized containers for weapons, deployable IT equipment and medical systems, critical components, rotable spares and power plants (engines) for any platform: AIR / LAND / SEA.

Consider the RAAF’s Hornet tactical fighter. Such a platform has thousands of critical parts, control surfaces, internal and external moving parts and on-board systems that will suffer fatigue, damage and wear & tear during use. Pelican-Trimcast has developed over >120 different container solutions with protective measures as well as environmental protection and logistics optimisation (see infographic below).

pelican products

Most or all of these components were at one time packaged in bubble-wrap and/or wooden crates. Utilising re-usable, rotable, sustainable, modular containers exactingly-engineered to protect specific equipment reduces cost pertaining to damage, downtime, and platform unavailability. Appropriate packaging also extends the life of these components, and therefore extends the life of the platform. Appropriately design, modular container solutions also optimise the use of available warehouse space, and the payload area inside a transport mode (aircraft, truck, ship etc). The Australian Defence Force are amongst the world leaders in packaging rotable spares & critical components for safekeeping, security, and platform sustainability, and Pelican provides the ADF with peace of mind regarding the secure transport of critical equipment to exercises & deployments near and far, no matter what the conditions are.

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