“Netwalking” with Robbert Rietbroek, CEO of PepsiCo ANZ

Sunday 10 September 2017

Article by AmCham NEXT Committee NSW


Last week, some of our AmCham NEXT: Network for Future Leaders Committee caught up with Robbert Rietbroek, Chief Executive and SVP of PepsiCo group of companies Australia and New Zealand, and the Pacific, in a new program called “netwalking” to chat about career and life. PepsiCo in ANZ is a billion dollar company and includes the Smith’s Snackfood company, Pepsi Beverages, Bluebird Snackfood Company, the Pepsi Lipton Ice JV, and Obela Spreads JV.

A few of Robbert’s top tips below:


Be a force for good:  always try to be constructive, inject positive anecdotes when drawn into negative conversations, stay away from office gossip. You are the habits you create. Try to step in and help others where possible. Always try to have people’s back, and be and be known as an ally. Think team objectives over individual objectives. Be supportive of others.

Exceed expectations. Always focus on contributing to the business, and the organisation. Ensure you go beyond just meeting expectations – try to consistently exceed them. Those that do, typically get opportunities to advance. Meeting expectations is the pre-requisite to keep your job. Exceeding them is the way to grow.

How to advance: if you would like to advance in your career, mobility, and flexibility, and taking advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, can help a lot. Challenge yourself. Coming from a leader who’s worked and lived throughout West, Central and Eastern Europe, North America, South America, and now Asia Pacific, and even traversed a coup whilst working in Venezuela in the thick of political instability. Did we mention he speaks 5 languages fluently?

Leadership: understand the importance of the 5 E’s – Envisioning the future, Enabling others, Energising and inspiring, Engaging stakeholders, and Executing with excellence. If you aspire to grow in a company,  clarify to the organisation that you are eager to take on more management challenges and team leadership.

Women and leadership: be “confident in your abilities” and to seize or create the opportunities you aspire to. Choose a leader and a workplace culture that facilitates flexible work for everyone – men and women – and lead by example to make people feel comfortable. Try to be “a hero at home, and a hero at work”.

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