Melissa Moore: The Veteran Transition Experience

Wednesday, 27 October 2021

Article by Melissa Moore, Integrated Logistics Manager, Boeing Defence Australia

Service life is in Mel Moore’s blood. The daughter of a serving member, she joined the Air Force where she held multiple roles and met her husband. When a career at Boeing Defence Australia beckoned, it was the perfect opportunity to maintain her deep connection to those in uniform. 

My father was a serving member and I grew up with the Air Force being an integral part of my life. No matter where we lived, we had regular social events to attend, and it felt like we had family around us all of the time. I would often visit Dad at work and I loved being able to explore the various aircraft that he worked on. I also recall using Service Air to travel to see my grandparents – often unaccompanied – I always felt so grown up. 

After completing high school, I wanted to continue with a nomadic lifestyle and knew I would enjoy the constant change and challenges that Defence life provides. I initially joined the RAAF as a Supplier, working in warehousing and a Squadron where I supported the F-A/18A Classic Hornet, and also managed an explosive ordnance facility. From there, I was posted to Air Movements, spent some time as an instructor, worked in the Joint Operations Headquarters and also managed the careers of the RAAF Communication Information Systems Controllers. 

After finishing my career as an Airman, I took up the role of Integrated Logistics Support Manager for the acquisition of guided weapons for the F-35A Joint Strike Fighter jet before posting to my final position as the Logistics Officer supporting the C-17A Globemaster transport aircraft. I posted to RAAF Base Amberley and that was where I met my husband, a C-17A maintainer.

Having moved more than 20 times in my life, and after living in three locations with our children, now aged eight and 10, my husband and I made the decision to accept roles outside of Defence to provide them some schooling stability. However, I have and always will be passionate about the capability that Defence provides, so when I was offered a strategic role with the C-17A team at Boeing, I felt it was the best of both worlds. I was able to continue contributing in a meaningful way as part of the C-17A Enterprise while providing more stability for my family. 

One thing that stands out when I reflect on how my time in Defence has assisted in the corporate world is my increased confidence to present to groups. I recall how embarrassed I used to be as a child – getting up in front of the class to deliver a speech. While it is still not high on my list of my desirable tasks, I am now far more confident in speaking in front of crowds. I also learned a lot about leadership from both positive and negative experiences, and have gained lifelong skills in resilience, communication and critical analysis.  

I am fortunate to have done so many amazing things throughout my career that have helped make me the dedicated, passionate, consultative person that I am today. These include working as a driver at the Sydney Olympics and Paralympics, the heartbreaking and heart-warming task of extracting locally-engaged employees in Iraq, working on exchange with the Royal Air Force in the UK and co-ordinating a team to introduce into service a variety of guided weapons.

These days, I value being in a forward-thinking environment with a positive work-life balance culture in a company that appreciates individuals efforts. I am also working on my final assignment for my Masters and, after four years of study, am excited to have some more time to spend with my family. 


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