Live Video Breaking Down Barriers

Friday 14 July 2017

Article by BlueJeans Network

Employers in all sectors of the global economy are now, more than ever, focused on attracting and retaining a diverse workforce.

We believe communication is the key to bridging the divide between groups of people across business units, offices, cities, countries and cultures.

Live video can be used as a tool to help broaden and diversify the talent pool to drive engagement and build working relationships.

We recently surveyed 5,000 employees across the UK, Germany, France, US and Australia, and found 71% of employees agree that diversity can be realised by bringing together different groups more easily through live video.

Diversity is a celebration of the fact that people are different and all have unique contributions that they can bring to an organisation. An organisation’s success and competitiveness depends upon its ability to embrace diversity and realise the benefits.

Through live video communication, organisations can tap into their diverse workforce to supply a greater variety of services and solutions.

Beyond bringing more diverse and specialist groups of people together for competitive advantage, video widens the talent pool that organisations can choose from.

Our research backed this, finding almost three-quarters (74%) of employees see the potential of live video in changing relationships between interviewers and candidates.

While innovative businesses are adopting live video technology in numbers, the research found that over a third of respondent’s stated their place of work is slow to adopt new communication trends.  This is at odds with 52% who agreed that they would prefer to work for a company that invested in high quality video collaboration.

These businesses should begin to understand that that live video is becoming an essential tool for organisations to attract new talent and build diverse, high-performing and engaged teams. As our markets become increasingly intertwined, our workforce becomes increasingly diverse. Organisational success and competitiveness will depend on the ability to manage diversity in the workplace effectively.

Through opening the channels of communication through live video, organisations can break-down barriers to encourage diversity in the workplace and inspire all of their employees (existing and future) to perform to their highest ability.

Want to find out more about Love Live Video? Check out the full report here .

Fascinated by this topic and want to hear more about building a diverse workforce? Come along this Wednesday 19 July to our Smart Session in Sydney with the National Director of Sageco, Alison Monroe. 

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