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April Palmerlee CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce Australia AmCham’s aim is to be a critical hub offering connections and access to opportunity. AmCham gives members exclusive access to thought leadership, communities of interest, policy advice, business advocacy, information, and relationships with business and government. We are the hub providing members with a competitive advantage to grow their businesses efficiently and intelligently.

Our roots are in America, but today we serve the business community across Australia and the entire Asia-Pacific region. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and Perth, AmCham is Australia’s largest and most prestigious international business organisation. We provide assistance to U.S. and Australian companies and we promote trade, commerce and investment to and from Australia.

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02 June 2020 | Business Essentials Series
Economic Briefing with Stephen Walters, Chief Economist for NSW Treasury             

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact upon all aspects of the way we live and work, and the State Government have released a range of initiatives in response to the global crisis. Stephen Walters, Chief Economist for NSW Treasury will offer his detailed insights into the NSW economy, discussing economic priorities and opportunities for the NSW Government and look at international investment, exports, and job creation within the context of addressing a global pandemic.
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04 June 2020 | Industry Series: Space
PART ONE Deep Space Exploration          

As space industry technology continues to make technology advancements in the coming decade, so will our ability to expand our horizons and more deeply explore the solar system, in particular the Moon, Mars and perhaps even further afield. This webinar will explore the potential of deep space exploration. What could we discover in the years ahead and how might this impact the way we see our own place in the solar system? What challenges will need to be overcome to get there? And what do we need to consider to ensure that we preserve the planets which we explore?
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04 June 2020 | Business Essentials Series
Australia's Response to COVID-19: The JobKeeper Scheme and Other Key Measures

The global COVID-19 pandemic has prompted an unprecedented response from Australia’s Government to support the Australian economy whilst the necessary public health measures have been in place to “flatten the curve”. A centrepiece of this response is the JobKeeper Scheme which is complimented by a number of Federal and State government measures which are all relevant to US commercial interests in Australia. With the benefit of observing and advising on these measures of the last two months since implemented, we will go through the critical aspects of the measures which employers need to be aware of in positioning their businesses for the post-COVID-19 world.
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09 June 2020 | Meet the Minister Series
Delayed Budget

Australia looks set to slide into its first recession in almost 30 years. Close to a million workers are now unemployed and reliant upon welfare due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Restrictions have been successful in curbing the rate of infections, and business is pressuring government to offer solutions for getting the economy back up and running. With the federal budget delayed from May to October to fully assess the full economic cost of the pandemic, where should government policy focus to bring us back from the brink? What priorities must be set to enable our economy and jobs market to recover to become stronger, and more resilient to future crises?
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09 June 2020 | Meet the Minister Series
Business Briefing with The Hon Gladys Berejiklian MP, Premier of New South Wales

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian is fighting a war on two fronts. Health and safety have been her immediate priority, and now the focus has shifted to progressively lifting community restrictions and re-opening the economy to get people back to work.It’s a delicate balance in the battle against a highly contagious viral pandemic which threatened to overwhelm our health system. Premier Berejiklian will join AmCham in a fireside chat to discuss the significant efforts of Australian businesses in addressing the pandemic, and to outline her framework for the economic road to recovery.
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19 June 2020 | Business Essentials Series
Veterans' Affairs: Transitioning to Corporate Life

Defence force veterans are an enormous resource representing years of investment in advanced technical training and there is a very strong business case for elevating shortlisted candidates with a defence background to corporate positions. AmCham is excited to present a panel discussion which will explore the experience and skills which defence veterans can bring to your business, and the programs which can smooth the transition from defence into corporate leadership roles.
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