Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have the potential to change the face of this centuries-old industry providing valuable insights into predicting seasonal yields; improving irrigation management, and understanding what people might prefer to purchase in the future. Australian and US Wine industry is leading the way in research and development and new Wine Tech. Hear from our experts on what collaborations are happening and what we can learn from one another.

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21 July 2020 | Business of Wine Series - Part One
Wine Sales and Marketing 

The Australian Wine Industry needs a new deal for long term viability in this sector and the US market is key to growth. Episode One will cover the distribution outlets / the marketing resources and the support from the Australian government on driving new opportunities in the US market. Sustained recovery will rely on increasing the value of exports, driven largely by growth at higher price points, requiring a substantial change in perception and awareness of Australian wine in key markets.
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22 July 2020 | Co-Promotion
Jim Collins: What Makes Great Companies Tick in Uncertain Times

Jim will draw on his 30 years of work on what makes great companies tick, with a focus on key concepts from his classic book Good to Great and his more recent best-seller Great by Choice which is based on 9 years of research on “Why do some companies thrive in uncertainty, even chaos, and others do not?" Jim's concepts challenge conventional wisdom with thought-provoking and practical concepts that show greatness happens by choice, not by chance.
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28 July 2020 | Business of Wine Series - Part Two
Wine Tourism and Experiences

Wineries, tourism operators and regions depend on the development and promotion of extraordinary visitor experiences. Plus, wine can evoke memories and nostalgia, building long term brand loyalty after the customer has left. Wine tourism brought in almost $10 billion in 2018 / 2019 according to Wine Australia; with 50% being Australia (domestic) visitors and a big reinvestment in rural communities.
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29 July 2020 | Business Resilience - Part One
Manufacturing, Supply Chains, Diversification, and Distribution

AmCham Australia presents a 3-part series on National Resilience – how Australia can collectively prioritise efforts to reduce loss and harm and recover quickly from adversity. How exposed and vulnerable is Australian society and how can we bounce back? Part One will explore why import dependency on other countries is a National risk. Our speakers will use actual events during COVID-19 to talk about their Supply Chains, and how they were able to pivot their business models. Our reliance on imported medicine and fuel.
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