Our committees and board develop positions on issues affecting our members, from trade to tax to industry standards. Through these positions, we advocate for our members to government both here and in the United States. To participate on a committee, you must work for a Financial Member Company of the Chamber. Current committee members enjoy exclusive access to thought leaders and government in order to address issues affecting their business. 


AmCham Exporters AcademyAmcham Exporters AcademyEXPORTERSCOMMITTEE/EXPORTERS
AUKUS Working GroupAUKUS Working Group. Further details to follow.AUKUSCOMMITTEE/AUKUS
Defence and National Security CommitteeThe Defence and National Security Committee supports defence, security and dual-use industry members. It aims to identify opportunities and challenges that can enhance Australian defence industry and academia in their ability to work effectively with the U.S. and Australian governments.DEF_SEC_WGCOMMITTEE/DEF_SEC_WG
Digital Economy and Innovation CommitteeThe Digital Economy and Innovation Committee fosters the development of a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem that promotes investment, innovation and delivers best practice through advocacy and education.INNOVATIONCOMMITTEE/INNOVATION
Diversity and Inclusion CommitteeAmCham's Diversity and Inclusion Committee provides thought leadership that promotes diversity and inclusion in Australian business through sharing experiences and knowledge, networking and skill development.WIL_NSWCOMMITTEE/WIL_NSW
Energy and ResourcesThe Energy and Resources committee provides a forum to: increase understanding of the government’s priorities and regulations; identify trends, opportunities, and challenges impacting the sector; promote sound policy positions; and improve government-to-industry relations.ENERCOMMCOMMITTEE/ENERCOMM
Health CommitteeThe Health Committee fosters the development of a vibrant, sustainable healthcare system that promotes innovation and delivers best practice for Australians of all ages and backgrounds.HEALTHCOMMITTEE/HEALTH
Space CommitteeThe Space Committee supports the development of a vibrant Australian space sector that promotes innovation and delivers best practice for the benefit of members and the broader community.SPACECOMMITTEE/SPACE
Taxation CommitteeThe Taxation Committee provides members with current information regarding the evolving regulatory framework and tax issues impacting U.S. / Australian businesses. It also liaises with government officials to improve the current climate to promote sound tax policy, investment and further cooperation between the United States and Australia.TAXCOMMITTEE/TAX