The Alliance TV Episodes

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The Alliance on Sky News

As the world faces the biggest public health crisis in a generation, Sky News Business Editor Ticky Fullerton anchors 'The Alliance', a new program examining the important role and impact of the US-Australian partnership.


Episode 1
First aired 26/03/2020

Australia’s alliance with the United States is long-standing, powerful and unique, but why? Ticky asks Prime Minister Scott Morrison and ambassadors past and present for their insights into what makes our alliance so strong.

Episode 2
First aired 24/04/2020

In Episode 2 Ticky looks at the trade and investment that underpins the alliance and asks how the bond with our largest economic partner will help us emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.

Episode 3
First aired 29/05/2020

As tensions heighten amid the global pandemic, Ticky explores how the military partnership with our great ally underpins national security.

Episode 4
First aired 26/03/2020

From space exploration to 5th generation connectivity and the giant leaps for all mankind, in Episode 4 Ticky explores the tech & education powering the alliance to new frontiers.

Episode 5
First aired 03/08/2020

In part five Ticky explores the industry that powers our Pacific partnership and looks at how business investment, manufacturing and energy policy could underpin the economic recovery post-pandemic.

Episode 6
First aired 07/09/2020

From movie making on the Gold Coast to an all-American AFL side in Iowa, in part six Ticky gets to the heart of what makes the U.S. and Australia such strong partners – a shared culture and values.