2021 AmCham Alliance Awards Winner


A Prosperous Future: Celebrating Australia – US Economic Partnerships

On the 8 December 2022; The American Chamber of Commerce in Australia celebrated the indispensable relationship between Australia and the United States of America at their inaugural black-tie Alliance Awards Gala. The Alliance Awards recognised six key industries vital to future of the prosperity of generations to come.  The attendee roster represents a who’s-who list of Australia’s leading businesses, universities, think tanks, politicians, and civic leaders.

Artificial Intelligence Award Winner - Dr Brenton Cooper, CEO & Co-Founder of Fivecast

As leader of Fivecast, Brenton is responsible for driving innovation in the security industry through the application of world leading data science to the field of open-source intelligence (OSINT). In 2021, Fivecast was awarded a $5m contract with the US Department of Defence. 

Fivecast was founded in Australia from a unique collaboration between government agencies and world-leading research institutions. Its mandate is to tackle big data challenges in national security and law enforcement.  Fivecast is one of the many international businesses choosing Arlington, Virginia as a U.S. home base. 

Sponsored by Amazon Web Services; other Finalists in the category of AI include:

Michelle Aguilar, CTO and Co-Founder, VAPAR 
Jason Hosking, Co-Founder and CEO, HIVERY 
Jordan Nguyen, Founder CEO, Psykinetic 
Michael Priddis, CEO, Faethm 

Biotechnology Award Winner - Sean Parsons, Founder and CEO, Ellume 

In February 2021, Ellume announced a $231.8 million agreement with the U.S. Department of Defence (DOD), in coordination with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), to accelerate domestic US production of its COVID-19 home tests.

Sean Parsons founded Ellume to enable accurate diagnosis of common infectious diseases through innovative approaches. In May 2021, Ellume established state-of-the-art diagnostic manufacturing facility in Frederick, Maryland and is actively recruiting for 1,500 new positions in the region.

Sponsored by Johnson Johnson; other Finalists in the category of Biotechnology include:

Chris Behrenbruch, CEO and Managing Director, Telix Pharmaceuticals 
Chris Larkins, Senior Vice President Operations, Seqirus 
Anthony Stowers, SVP, Recombinant & Gene Therapy Product Development, CSL Limited  
Hala Zreiqat AM, Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Sydney

Digital Economy Award Winners - Julia Fossi Director | International, Strategy and Futures; and
Kathryn King Head of Information Technology and Digital, Office of the eSafety Commissioner (joint nominees) 

Both Julia and Kathryn work hand-in-hand with eSafety regulators and government officials in the United States to educate them about the steps and tools Australia has made available. eSafety is the world's first government agency solely committed to keeping citizens safer online.

The Safety by Design tools were designed to lift the safety standard of all companies (regardless of geolocation) and many major stakeholders in the US were at the front of mind when drafting these tools. Companies and agencies in the United States have utilized and consulted eSafety when developing their own standards and implementing their own systems. eSafety strives to deliver comprehensive, compassionate and citizen-focused services. 

Dr Julia Fossi is an Expert Advisor at the Office of the eSafety Commissioner. Until recently leaving the office to relocate abroad, she provided high level policy support and advice and is the project lead for the eSafety Commissioner’s Safety by Design framework. 

Kathryn King, a US citizen, is Head of ICT and Digital from the office of the eSafety Commissioner. Her team completed a full digital transformation of the eSafety Commission website that helps to keep all Australians safer online. When Dr Fossi was originally suggested as a nominee, she insisted that Ms King be included, as she is simultaneously the backbone, heart, and legs behind the eSafety platform. And with Dr Fossi now out of country, she has increasingly taken on the role of head as well!

Sponsored by SAS; other Finalists in the category of Digital Economy include: 

Paul Brafield, Vice President, Digital and Global Enterprise, Torrens Global Education
Sean Duca, VP, Regional Chief Security Officer - Asia Pacific & Japan, Palo Alto Networks 
Michelle Lim, Scientific Chair and Chairperson, Ending Loneliness Together
Russ Matulich, Group Chief Executive Officer, RTI Cable

Energy and Clean Technology Award Winner - Rebecca Tilbrook Business Development Manager, Emerging Technologies, Hydro Tasmania 

Rebecca’s previous experience in the clean energy technology sector in the United States has positioned her to make an invaluable contribution to Australia’s growing renewable energy sector.

Rebecca is known as an emerging leader in the clean energy technology sector in the United States. Her US-based roles include supporting the US Department of Energy programs and industry bodies such as the Colorado Solar Energy Industries Association. 

Rebecca has been instrumental in introducing clean energy Power Purchasing Agreements (PPAs) to the Australian market and finding new pathways for the commercialisation of clean energy technology. 

Rebecca works at Hydro Tasmania, one of Australia's leading clean energy businesses, and its largest generator of renewable energy. 

Sponsored by Boeing; other Finalists in the category of energy and Clean Technology include: 

Liz Beavis, Services Site Manager, Coopers Gap Wind Farm, GE Renewable Energy
Hannah McCaughey, Managing Director, Tallarook
Gail Reynolds-Adamson, Managing Director, Indigenous Consulting Group Australia 
Meherzad Variava, Chemical Engineer – Clean Energy (Hydrogen), Linde

Quantum Computing Award Winner - Vikram Sharma Founder and CEO, QuintessenceLabs  

After realising the potential of quantum cryptography in the early 2000s in California, Dr. Sharma sought to commercialise the technology. So he returned to the Australian National University to work with the Quantum Optics Group in the Department of Physics. READ MORE
QuintessenceLabs emerged from the research conducted by this world-leading group.

With the power of quantum technology, Dr Vikram Sharma and his company QuintessenceLabs are transforming cybersecurity for a safer and more secure future. 

QuintessenceLabs is headquartered in Canberra but has offices in San Jose (US). There is a frequent exchange of staff between the American and Australian branches. 

Sponsored by Microsoft; other Finalists in the category of quantum computing include:

Michael Biercuk, CEO and Founder, Q-CTRL
Cathy Foley AO PSM, Australia’s Chief Scientist
Jeremy O’Brien, CEO, PsiQuantum
David Reilly, Physics Professor, University of Sydney; Principal Researcher and Director, Microsoft Station Q 

Space Award Winner - Flavia Tata Nardini CEO and Co-founder, Fleet Space Technologies 

Flavia is founder and CEO of Fleet Space an Adelaide-based space company with a US Entity. Flavia was appointed Mission Chair for Seven Sisters in 2020, the Australian Lunar Exploration Mission supporting NASA’s Artemis Program, This program will send nanosatellites and exploration sensors to the Moon to search for abundant, accessible water and resources in 2023, where Fleet Space is already developing advanced technologies that will transform space exploration.  

Fleet Space Technologies is focused on connecting the Internet of Things by deploying hundreds of low-cost nanosatellites around the world. Dubbed the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the ‘digital nervous system’ Fleet is creating will ultimately make it faster, simpler and less expensive to connect every device on Earth, transforming how businesses connect and gather vital information that can drive growth and change.

The company is thriving thanks to long established investment relationships with US companies including Momenta Ventures, enabling them to increase its constellation and grow customer base. In 2021, Fleet Space began piloting its service with a major mining company in Nevada. The company is also developing opportunities with utilities and mining companies.

Sponsored by One Global Venture; other Finalists in the category of Space include: 

John Culton III, Director, Andy Thomas Centre for Space Resources, University of Adelaide
Jason Held, CEO, Saber Astronautics 
Renae Sayers, Deputy Director, Space Science and Technology Centre, Curtin University 
Carley Scott OAM, CEO, Equatorial Launch Australia (ELA)