Tech Talk Breakfast - Big Data: The lifeblood of business

Tech Talk Breakfast - Big Data: The lifeblood of business
AmCham’s Tech Talk series will deliver one high level discussion per quarter, presented by industry leading experts from some of the largest and most innovative businesses in Australia. pastevent

Tech Talk Breakfast

Big Data: Data is the New Oil

AmCham is excited to kick off the Tech Talk Series for 2020.

The pace of the advances in technology is ever increasing, and to succeed a business needs to rely heavily on this technology to stay ahead of the competition. AmCham's Tech Talk Breakfast Series will deliver quarterly events presented by industry leading experts from some of the world's largest and most innovative businesses. 

Business is awash with data. 

An ever expanding range of data sources in the digital world is generating big data metrics.

It has been forecast that in the year 2020, 1.7 Megabytes of data will be created every second for every person on earth.

In the modern world, information is power. The click of a button can harness big data which enables business to identify and understand everything they need to know about their customers, staff, their market and their processes. Businesses that use this to their advantage will make better informed decisions and become more efficient and more powerful.  Those who don’t, will fall behind.

AmCham has brought together a panel of industry experts to discuss the enormous growth in data, data storage and security, recovery and data analytics and why it is critical for business to ensure they are at the forefront of the data wave.

Expert Panelists:

Martin Creighan 
Managing Director, Australia/ New Zealand 

Martin as the Managing Director is responsible for leading AT&T’s business in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ). With a career at AT&T that began in 2004, Martin now manages AT&T’s sales and business development for the ANZ region supporting business functions including service delivery, after sales support, marketing, finance and human resources. In Martin’s previous role as Director of Sales for AT&T’s business development team in Australia, he was responsible for leading the team on the development of proposals and contracting offers for AT&T’s multi-national customers. Prior to AT&T, Martin started his career in the US Navy where he spent over 9 years as an Operations Specialist and was responsible for building and project managing simulated warfare environments. Since then he has held Sales, Marketing and Business Management roles with Radware, SecureNet, Baltimore Technologies and Viasoft. Martin is currently a Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Australia. Martin holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from National University, USA and is a Certified Master Training Specialist. Martin is actively involved in community outreach programs and has participated in the CEO Sleep Out, Mentoring for Youth Off the Streets and participated in The Smith Family iTrack Mentoring Program.

Robert Le Busque 
Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific
Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Robert Le Busque is the Regional Vice President, Asia Pacific for Verizon Enterprise Solutions with overall responsibility for delivering the digital transformation journey of the company’s enterprise and government customers across the Asia Pacific region. Robert started his career with Verizon in 2001 and has spent many years living and working throughout the Asia Pacific region. He has led specialist technology sales teams across the Asia Pacific region, most notably in the Unified Communications (UC&C) category. In addition, he has held various leadership roles within the Asia Pacific Strategy and Operations team, and as the enterprise sales leader in the Australian market. Prior to his current role, Robert was the Regional Managing Director for the Australia, New Zealand and Indian Enterprise Group for Verizon. This appointment followed Robert’s role as the Director of Strategy and Operations for all International Enterprise divisions; incorporating the Asia Pacific, EMEA and LATAM regions. Prior to joining Verizon Business, Robert held consulting and management roles in both Asia and Europe.

Melissa Osborne 
Chief Technology Officer 
Dell Technologies 

Melissa Osborne is the Chief Technology Officer at Dell Technologies in Australia and New Zealand. Based in Canberra, she is responsible for bringing the breadth and depth of the Dell Technologies portfolio across Australia and New Zealand to enable customers on their digital transformation journeys. Melissa joined Dell Technologies in 2018, bringing with her a strong background in security risk and compliance across physical, personnel and cyber security, and extensive knowledge in the IT market, products and services, including cloud computing. She enables the Dell ANZ sales team, with a focus on strengthening Dell’s competitiveness and relevance in the market place, particularly in the public sector. In her role Melissa focuses on revenue generating activities for the mid and long-term that will help drive exponential growth through customer relations, stakeholder engagement and influence, strategic initiatives and thought leadership. Melissa is also the Chief Security Officer for ANZ and the Executive Sponsor for Mosaic, leading the acknowledgement and celebration of cultural diversity and programs, including Indigenous Reconciliation Action Plan. Prior to joining Dell Technologies, Melissa spent 24 years working for the Department of Defence, starting in the Royal Australian Navy, moving into the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). As an ASD executive at the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) she was the certifying authority for gateways, cloud computing, and product evaluations and lead the Information Security Registered Assessors Program (IRAP). 

Matthew Payton
Strategic Advisor - Agile Operations 

Matthew is an experienced, passionate technology strategist with an absolute dedication to customer satisfaction and enabling IT to serve the strategic objectives of any business or to drive competitive advantage. During his career he has performed roles with technical, managerial and strategic focuses which enables him to bring a unique perspective to any situation and to also communicate this perspective to a wide and varied audience, whether it be C level, or technical. With a background in technology and business he understand the symbiotic nature of the two and the challenges that sometimes occur when the two worlds collide. Whilst he is passionate about technology, he does not believe in technology for technology's sake and believe that pragmatism is usually the best approach. He is absolutely dedicated to quality and champion a quality first approach to all customer engagements from beginning to end. He also hates to reinventing the wheel, fixing mistakes that shouldn't have been made and making the same mistake twice. To that end, he drives this quality approach through his teams. He likes to challenge the status quo, and his least favourite phrase is "That's the way we've always done it". He loves innovation in all its forms, from the simple to the disruptive and will always strive to deliver some form of innovation to customers, no matter how small or large.


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