Space Series: PART THREE Human Spaceflight

Space Series: PART THREE Human Spaceflight
As space industry technology continues to make technology advancements in the coming decade, so will our ability to expand our horizons and more deeply explore the solar system, in particular the Moon, Mars and perhaps even further afield. This webinar will explore the potential of deep space exploration. pastevent
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Industry Series: Space

PART THREE Human Spaceflight

About the Webinar

KPMG’s 30 Voices on 2030: The Future of Space brings together the different perspectives of 30 senior leaders from the space industry around the world – heads of agency, engineers, lawyers, entrepreneurs and politicians – who paint a very vivid, exciting and challenging vision of what we can expect.

Join AmCham and KPMG on a limited 5-part series exploring what Space in 2030 may look like. We explore the potential of space to open up to new businesses and customers, create new products and services and speak to our sense of curiosity and desire to understand the world beyond our planet. Organisations across different industries – and not just traditional space industry players - that lack adaptability and imagination will be left behind.

Astronauts travelling to the International Space Station has almost become routine, but we are yet to see space tourism take off and it has been 48 years since people last set foot on the moon. In this webinar, we will explore what human space flight will look like in 2030. What will it take to make space tourism possible and accessible to more people, and what are the possible terrestrial benefits that we could get from increased space travel?


Moderated by Mike Kalms, Space and Defence Industry Lead Partner, KPMG Australia

Mike leads KPMG Australia's national Operations Advisory team, and from a market perspective, drives their defence industry and space accounts. He has over 25 years’ experience in business and government in Australia, Europe and Asia.

In his (now) distant youth, Mike joined the Department of Defence, investing several years in understanding how that agency works. He then embarked on a career in industry with BAE Systems and QinetiQ – with interludes at RPDE and the UK’s NITEworks collaborative programs.

For the last several years Mike has found a home at KPMG, where he has supported the 2016 White Paper as a member of the Minister’s 6-person Expert Panel, worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Defence on their industry policy and approach to sovereign industry, supported various state governments develop defence industry strategy, and aided business and universities to build defence-relevant capabilities.

The growth of KPMG’s space business has been exciting. Working with passionate colleagues across the globe, KPMG has fostered a young, dynamic consulting offering to new Australian Space Agency, State Government and the emergent Space Startup sector. KPMG now houses a team with the technical, commercial and business expertise to drive growth and deliver outcomes for organisations ‘entering space’.

Dr Josef Schmid, Flight Surgeon, NASA | Major General, United States Air Force Reserves

Dr Josef Schmid is a Flight Surgeon at NASA and a Major General in the United States Air Force Reserves. He is the former lead for Space Medicine Training, responsible for training medical students, other flight surgeons, astronaut crew medical officers and biomedical engineers, former Lead for the Electronic Medical Record system and previous Co-director for the Aerospace Medicine Residency at the University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. He is a qualified flight crewmember for the supersonic T-38 jet trainer, Shuttle Training Aircraft, Microgravity flights and ISS Direct return G3 and G5 missions. Dr. Schmid became an aquanaut during a 12 day mission to NOAA’s undersea Aquarius habitat during NASA’s NEEMO 12. Dr. Schmid has been a crew surgeon for shuttle missions STS-116, STS-120, STS-126 and for multiple long duration missions to the International Space Station including Soyuz launches and landing operations in Kazakhstan for expeditions 18, 24, 29, 39, 48, 56, and 63. Lastly, Dr. Schmid is the Lead for vehicle development and medical operations for the new Orion vehicle that will return humans to the Moon.

James Morhard, Deputy Administrator, NASA

James Morhard is the 14th Deputy Administrator of NASA. He helps provide overall leadership, planning and policy direction and is also responsible for articulating and representing NASA’s vision.  Prior to his tenure with NASA, Morhard was the U.S. Senate Deputy Sergeant at Arms.

Isabelle Tremblay, ing., Director, Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space Medicine, Canadian Space Agency

As the Director, Astronauts, Life Sciences and Space Medicine, Isabelle is accountable for Canada’s participation in human spaceflight missions. The scope of her responsibilities includes Canadian astronauts, operational space medicine, as well as Canada’s utilization of the International Space Station (ISS), which is centered on health and life sciences research to address health risks associated with spaceflight. Currently, her team is also evaluating potential contributions in the area of health and biomedical technologies for deep space exploration, beyond Earth orbit, such as to the Moon and Mars.

Previously, Isabelle worked as a research and development engineer in space robotics and as a senior engineer and technical lead for Canadian contributions to international space exploration missions, namely NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander, which operated on Mars in 2008, and the James Webb Space Telescope, Hubble’s successor, scheduled for launch in 2021. She holds a Bachelor of Mechanical engineering and a Master of Aerospace Engineering specialized in Space Technologies from Polytechnique Montreal.

Anthony Murfett, Deputy Head, Australian Space Agency

Anthony Murfett is Deputy Head of the Australian Space Agency, where Anthony has oversight of strategy, policy and day-to-day operations and supports the Agency Head in monitoring the performance of the Agency.

Anthony has worked as Minister Counsellor, Industry, Science and Education at the Australian Embassy in Washington DC and as General Manager of the Growth Centres Branch within the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science in Canberra. Anthony ensures the Agency delivers on its purpose to transform and grow a globally respected Australian space industry that contributes to productivity and employment across the Australian economy.

Dedicated to purpose, Anthony brings an entrepreneurial spirit to the Agency, valuing partnerships while drawing strength from diversity and pushing the boundaries of our knowledge.

As a road bike enthusiast, Anthony is not only at the forefront of space industry development, he is well on his way to cycling the distance to the moon (238,855 miles or 384,400 km), having ridden and competed across the country and the globe.

Andrea Boyd, Flight Operations Engineer, European Astronaut Centre                        

Andrea is stationed at the European Astronaut Centre, the only Australian International Space Station Flight Controller on Earth. A Mechatronic Engineer who graduated from the University of Adelaide, she worked for many years as an Automation Engineer all over Australia then underground and in the end to end process plant in the remote desert as a Mining Control Systems Specialist. Andrea joined the International Space Station Flight Control Team eight years ago, certified as a Flight Operations Engineer for payload control and cross-certified in later years for crew operations and biomedical, serving in the European Space Agency’s Human Spaceflight and Robotic Exploration Directorate. Andrea's projects have included ISS Mission Control, Soyuz launch, space food, desert analogues and CAPCOM for NEEMO22. As a side project over the last five years she helped create the new Australian Space Agency and serves on their Space Industry Leaders Forum.

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