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Jim McDowell, Chair
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
River Room
Crown Limited
8 Whiteman Street
Category:  Business Briefing
The enormous potential of using nuclear techniques to solve industry problems and deliver innovation

As one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and custodian of key Australian landmark and national science infrastructure, the Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) is uniquely positioned to help industry solve problems and deliver innovation.

ANSTO works on projects from a diverse range of industries - from collaborations with a US pharmaceutical company and clinical centres on the development and testing of innovative cancer diagnostics - to assisting a large-multinational in the food industry improve production processes using nuclear techniques - to developing a software tool for materials testing used by American power stations.

The presentation will highlight several case studies that illustrate how ANSTO infrastructure and expertise are used for translational research and the development of innovative applications, products and services.

In the defence sphere, ANSTO has a long-standing collaboration with the Defence Materials Technology Centre and industry partner, Thales Australia, on the development and testing of high- performance materials for defence applications using computer modelling and other techniques.

ANSTO also operates a suite of businesses that use nuclear techniques to support industry initiatives and improve human health.

A $168.8 million government investment in the construction of an export-scale nuclear medicine manufacturing plant and waste treatment plant will position Australia as a global leader in the high-end manufacturing of nuclear medicine.

An innovative component of the nuclear medicine production process is a versatile waste treatment technology. Synroc technology, based on inventions at the Australian National University, is being engineered to lock up radioactive waste by providing a safe, secure and sustainable method of confinement. Synroc is a solution that can be tailored for a broad range of waste streams.

ANSTO will continue to be agile in responding to the growing science and technology outcomes for Australia and the world through our exceptional people, research infrastructure and strategic partnerships.

Jim McDowell has been Chair of the ANSTO Board since 2015. ANSTO is one of Australia’s largest public research organisations and the custodian of key Australian landmark and national research infrastructure (including the OPAL multi-purpose research reactor). ANSTO partners with industry, government and research organisations in research and technology translation and innovation ranging from minerals and mining industry, health, energy, environmental management and the nuclear fuel cycle.

Jim has more than 35 years’ experience in one of the world’s most competitive industry sectors, aerospace and defence technologies. As Chief Executive of BAE Systems Australia, he grew the business to become Australia’s largest defence firm. From September 2011 to December 2013, Jim was Chief Executive Officer of BAE Systems Saudi Arabia, a $6billion company.

Jim is the Chancellor of the University of South Australia. He also acts in a number of advisory roles to the Defence Minister and the Department of Defence. He is chair of Total Construction and a non-executive director of both Codan Ltd and Austal Ltd. He is a board member of both the Royal Automobile Association and St Peter’s College Council of Governors.
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