Access to opportunity

Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership is available to companies legally recognised and operating in Australia and interested in USA/Australia trade or the affairs of the Chamber. Corporate 1 and Corporate 2 Members have the right to vote and shall be eligible for election to the Board of Directors or the Council of Governors.

A corporate membership entitles all employees to member rates and benefits Australia wide.

Corporate - 1 (Over 100 employees) $5,500.00 pa (incl gst)
Corporate - 2 (51 to 100 employees) $3,300.00 pa (incl gst)
Corporate - 3   (21 to 50 employees) $2,200.00 pa (incl gst)
Corporate - 4   (3 to 20 employees) $1,650.00 pa (incl gst)
Corporate - 5   (Up to 2 employees) $1,100.00 pa (incl gst)

Non-Resident Membership 

Companies/Individuals domiciled outside the Commonwealth of Australia and have no representative office facility in the country.
Non-Resident $1,500.00 pa (no gst is payable)