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Hardeep Girn
Managing Director
Phone: 1300 046 876
Do you want to build meaningful relationships with prospects, clients and business partners through more powerful conversations?

Build your business fast

As competition and social media communication increases, it becomes more important to cut through the noise and build relationships through targeted conversations.Rather than selling, front line staff need to spend more time marketing the value proposition of their business, themselves and who they talk to.

Course delivery

This 3 hour face-to-face workshop includes facilitated group discussions, case studies, written exercises and demonstrations and student practice sessions.

What you will learn

»     Understand the purpose of, and apply the concept of ‘value proposition’
»     Gain confidence through an improved ability to have meaningful conversations
»     Be better prepared with introductions and meetings through upfront research
»     Learn how to establish trust in relationships through conversation
»     Understand the impact of tone of voice
»     Understand and identify critical roles in business conversations
»     Learn how to make effective business introductions.

Time: 9.00 am - 12.00 pm
Dates: 16 September, 21 October or 18 November
Where: The Northern Sydney Institute, St Leonards, NSW
Price: $399

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