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If you want to know more please contact:
Luigi Pecoraro
Director, Custom Corporate Solutions
Phone: 21 6368 0020
Leadership Deep Dive Program

Case Western Reserve University's Weatherhead School of Management is pleased to be a new member of the American Chamber of Commerce in Sydney. We are delighted to be partnering with MGSM to present our World Class Program for Leaders, Leadership Deep Dive (LDD), to be delivered for the first time in Australia, commencing July 2015.

LDD is an intensive nine-day program designed for senior executives seeking new and innovative ways to advance themselves and their organisations.  The program faculty includes the creators of two leading business principles, Emotional Intelligence and Appreciative Inquiry. 

To launch the Leadership Deep Dive program, David Cooperrider, PhD will be coming to Sydney on April 30th, to present briefly on: ‘Business as an Agent of World Benefit.” Dr. Cooperrider co-created Appreciative Inquiry, a revolutionary methodology for achieving sustainable, desired, strength-based change over twenty years ago.

For information about the launch event, please contact Georgina Harrowell at or 02 8013 9000.

If you want to know more please contact:
Sherene Smith
Academic Staff
Phone: 03 9925 5805
Creative Governance - Seeking company directors for research

Research team from RMIT University is seeking to recruit Australian Company Directors for an interview. This will assist us in understanding the nature of the relationship between directors’ human (education, training, experience) and social capital (membership in professional & community organizations) and innovation in Australian firms. This is a relatively new area of research which offers an opportunity to identify the distinctive qualities of a director and the value of the experience as a director. A report of the major findings will be provided to participants that will aid business innovation strategy.

Identifying details relating to the interview material will be kept strictly confidential. No direct references will be made in reports produced without written consent or a request to do so.

To discuss participation in the research please contact Ms Sherene Smith, RMIT University at: or 03 9925 5805.
Interviews will be conducted at your convenience between April-September 2015. There is no cost incurred by participants.
RMIT University