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Tuesday 9 June 2015
AmCham Members share why they love AmCham!

Andrew Wiltshire, Senior Director of Corporate Affairs at Medtronic ANZ

“The benefit you receive from your membership is only bound by your capacity to act.

For us, AmCham has a good representation of Health & Wellness companies within its membership base. The diversity facilitates cross-industry pollination at high levels.

By the same token, the diversity of other members bring a refreshing perspective to industry matters that may initially seem outside the traditional scope of activity, yet have very relevant applications for our industry.

The contacts we have made through our membership have led to a variety of opportunities that most likely would not have eventuated without the established forum provided through AmCham.”


David Harvie, Client Adviser of Shadforth Financial Group

“At the first event I attended, I was blown away by the quality of the attendees and the way the event was run. I signed up on the spot.

I took two contacts to hear Cliff Rosenberg, CEO of LinkedIn speak at an AmCham event. There were a few hundred people in the room but I rang beforehand and got to sit right at the front – as a member you can do that.

My contacts were blown away because Cliff gave a very practicable presentation on how to use social media. But more importantly, I took six or seven points out of that presentation that I still use years later – and pass on to new people I meet.

Being involved in AmCham is a tremendous opportunity to leverage you and your brand.”


Leonie Walton, Head of Corporate Partnerships at Garvan Research Foundation 

“At the Garvan Institute, we’re working with AmCham to access opportunities and relationships with like-minded members within the AmCham fold. It’s the access – that’s the key.

It works because AmCham are at the forefront of being a membership-based organisation – and they represent the bilateral needs of Australia and the US. Medical research has a global nature, so this opens up opportunities for us to work across the marketplaces.”


Sara Pantzer, Head of Government Affairs and Policy at Amgen Australia Pty Ltd.

“My relationship with AmCham goes back a number of years ... Working closely with AmCham throughout the world is very important to Amgen.

AmCham run some fantastic events, including women’s networking events, which provide a good opportunity to meet other business women, and there are great speakers at the events in general. Typically the events feature CEOs, interesting educators, or political leaders. Each speaker brings interesting insights and useful opportunities for further discussions, either directly, or within our industry.

I’d also encourage any would-be members to consider applying to join a committee if they decide to become a member. I’m on the Trade and Government Committee and the Health Committee and both provide a really useful platform for discussions around policy development issues. We’ll do a visit to Canberra, for example, to meet key decision makers as part of AmCham, which is often most interesting and useful.

AmCham offers a great opportunity to broaden your network and meet like-minded companies to build on issues within your industry and affecting your industry.”


Tanya Harris, Founder and CEO of ICOM4

“For me, it’s about being connected.

AmCham provides connection opportunities that would be hard to get to with a lot of other networking events. You can be talking to sole traders or massive global companies, and everyone is in the same net.

It’s nice to give back through this connective experience – especially because I’m involved in the Women in Leadership committee. As far as I’m concerned, if you have a diverse work culture, you’re going to get far more different variants of opinions about how you take your product to market and make it successful.”

Anna Huurdeman, Marketing Manager of Nevett Ford (Lawyers)

“For me, it’s all about connectivity and engagement.

Through AmCham, you’re being connected to the experiences of incredible people in the marketplace. Usually, you might not get an opportunity to hear these people speak about their personal experiences, but here you can go up and say hello to them.

We’re talking about anyone from the US ambassador, who has attended functions, to CEOs and executives from major corporations like Coca-Cola and PwC.

It provides unbelievable opportunities.”


No matter what your objective, we can facilitate unrivalled opportunities to connect you to what matters most to you, and your future. 

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